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Congratulations to Platinum Planet Records recording artist, Joey Hancock, who was recently inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame!

Joey Hancock


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Levi Blom Rivers & Roads


The EP, Rivers & Roads, not only spotlights his unique vocal style but features two songs “Hood Of My Truck” and “Stop Sign” written by Levi and another Montana native, Sage Schiller. The title cut, “Rivers And Roads,” was written by Platinum Planet Records CEO, Justin Peters. “When Levi first called looking for material, I immediately felt a connection. There is an honesty in his music that’s not often heard, so rather than just pitch him a song, I signed him to the label,” comments, Justin. In addition, Levi also secured an exclusive songwriting agreement with LITA Music.


First Gospel Video Release by Platinum Planet Records:

Produced by Justin Peters
Directed by Stephen Byrum
Artist – Jamie Schmidt

The Cross Still Stands
written by Justin Peters and Jamie Schmidt

Copyright 2015. Justin Peters Music and Platinum Planet Music, Inc.


Crazy-Things-Social-Media 2Click Here to Sample Lee Anna McGuire’s “Love Can Make You Do Some Crazy Things!”

IMG_2448-smLee Anna McGuire has had many amazing things said about her…in fact every week the list of quotes from people gets longer as far as the number of people in the industry and the people in the general public who believe in her…at her first performance at the Songs For The Planet’s Songwriter Spotlight, Country Music Hall of Famer, Jimmy Fortune called her “a star”…just a couple of weeks ago, drummer Steve Brewster called her “the coolest girl he knew.”   Bart Herbison, Executive Director of N.S.A.I., said “she’s a star…she is also one of the most intelligent writers in this town.”  These types of quotes go on and on.  As President of Platinum Planet Records, Justin Peters stated, ” I want everybody out there to know that none of these comments are unmerited.  This young lady is for real.  She is a pro on all levels…she is a diligent worker as a songwriter, singer, and performer.  She is a tremendously kind and diligent human being that is always pressing for new levels of excellence in all that she does personally and professionally.  I have never seen the likes of anyone like Lee Anna McGuire.  She is leading the future as an artist in an industry that could learn from her incredible attitude and her hard working professional habits.  To be the President of the record label and publishing company that represents her music is nothing less than a very rare and amazing privilege.  So when you buy her new “SECRETS” project or any other release of Lee Anna’s please know you are making both a good and wise investment.  You won’t be disappointed.”


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On October 7th, Platinum Planet Records will be releasing a new recording by our President of an old song that was written by his father, Ben Peters. On that date, “Then I’ll Be Over You” will be available for purchase in digital stores everywhere in the United States!


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