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May 2, 2014

Today was a big day for LAM. … A nine hour photo shoot starting with LAM meeting JP at 5:45 am at Planet Studios ……they went to meet photographer and hair and makeup crew at 6 am at a private residence complete with coffee, orange juice, ham biscuits and fresh fruit for the crew……as they leave for location one of the crew backs into a rock wall and gets an instant flat tire. …trying to take advantage of the early morning light the car was quickly emptied out of all shooting gear and was left abandoned so the goals of the shoot could be met….so the whole crew along with lights, chairs, table, make up kits, generator, blankets, etc were all piled into 1 vehicle….amazing start it was as everyone was still smiling, committed, and having a good time……..,then it was on to Mike Curb’s property at 7:20 am……final makeup and hair is completed and LAM was getting goosebumps from the 54 degree morning….looking like an Indian squall she covered herself with a blanket to stay warm……to get to the shots that were wanted everyone needed foot tall goulashes but didn’t have them …LAM had converse shoes…… JP had mud 8 inches above his new balance running shoes……everyone else however was prepared and had their 20 inch tall boots…….finally shooting began at 7:45 …LAM was asked to do many demanding and very athletic poses in the hot spot of shoot and knocked it out of the park for scene 1 and outfit 1……..everyone was happy though wet and muddy and packed up there stuff and crammed it back into the Planet Benz …next stop would be a gas station in Spring Hill……drinking water usually leads to human pit stops…….especially when you have one member of the Crew who is pregnant…….anyway after all the gas was pumped and when everybody was ready to pile in it was discovered that the left rear passenger door would not close……. JP brought duck tape for such a thing that could happen, but it wasn’t needed as LAM figured out the cure after her door would not close all the way… last……on the road again…….this time to 17.9 acres of amazing land owned by Bill Reed in Columbia, Tennessee… they got to property entrance they left the paved road and took the safari route to the secret well scouted location…..after unloading all the lighting gear and equipment for photographer and for hair and makeup crew …curling irons and other hair devices were plugged in to create look #2 at scene 2 for LAM…..she once again took care of business and so did everybody else. The sun, the clouds, the turkeys on the property all cooperated and made the shoot at scene 2 a success…..once again everyone packed their gear and equipment and themselves in the Planet Benz and it was off to scene 3 look #3… stop was the rare and coveted Randall Baskin farm in Franklin, Tennessee…………after checking every possibility on his place (including one field that had bison in it) JP and photographer settled on doing scene 3 look #3 by a particular blue wood colored barn with 2 rad green doors and some close up fence shots…….it was now about 1:30 and the crew wanted to set up hair and makeup inside the barn……. No time was wasted as look 3 would take the longest to put together…..once done lac and crew took care of business at scene 3 and were done at 2:30 pm…..LAM and crew were tired as everyone had had a very early morning…..once more everyone packed up and crammed into the Planet Benz except this time they were done and headed home at 2:50pm…..all in a day ….all for one great artist…..all to help LAM & Platinum Planet Records sell some great music !

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